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A few days ago I wrote about the Three young Teenagers Who danced topless on the roof of a car. And the problems that they got into for doing this!

Today in the Bangkok Post , ISanitsuda Ekachai an Assistant Editor,  wrote a very heartening article on this subject entitled Bare-breasted culture of hypocrisy”. I suggest that any of you that are interested find this article at the Bangkok Post Opinions section and read it in its entirety:

“The fury only came after Culture Minister Niphit Intharasombat lambasted the
three teenage girls for offending the country’s culture.

What about the culture of heavy drinking? What about the rowdy crowd and the
culture which treats women as sex objects? What about the commercial culture
that pushes for girls’ early sexuality or makes women think that flashing the
flesh is a sign of self confidence?

You don’t dare touch the big businesses that profit from these cultures, and
you blame the kids for buying into those values?

Meanwhile, district chief Surakiat Limcharoen of Bang Rak, home of Patpong,
had the nerve to press for the girls’ arrest for “destroying the country’s
reputation”. He failed to stop the free flow of alcohol for minors on Silom, but
he blames the kids for being drunk and senseless?

To cap it all, the police forced the girls, covered like criminals in hoods
and sunglasses, to apologise to the public. At a press conference, they stressed
they hadn’t been drunk, thus freeing police from any blame for the Songkran
drinking mayhem.”

Why do politicians see something wrong only after the fact. If they are so obsessed with protecting this countries image/Culture, then they should start at the root of the problem. Which is in the red-light districts of this countries major cities. Provide ethical work for the young Thai women that have grown up in the country, so they do not have to enter the SEX trade, and be exploited by the wealthy establishment owners,  and criminal elements  in Thailand. Have you forgotten, the Thai Students from wealthy families that work as hostesses in the evenings so they can buy the luxury items to stay up with their friends. Have you forgotten this part of reality, which is ever pressing on the young Girls and boys in this country. If you want to keep this countries image, then rid it of the SEX trade, Close down the Brothels and night spots across the country. Give-up your share of the tourist trade, because these entertainment locations, cater to this industry and the tourist from all over the world come to see it, touch it, and feel it.

What is more interesting, and should be noted; this story has made headline news all over the world. Now who is responsible for that Mr. Minister! NY Times, Huffington Post, Foxnews, CNN and the odd point is the Advertisement for Thailand was made internationally at no-cost to the Government. This is the whole point! Now what, if the tourist industry picks up because of this, who will win? What will the three teenagers receive from Thailand? Nothing, is my guess!