Jobs, Education and The Future #8

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The Jobs are not coming and more and more students are entering the Job Market. This is compounded by a slowing Economy, growing inflation and another pending Financial Meltdown. We now see in the Euro zone, more and more countries getting financially bailed out, the latest being Portugal. What are we to do to remedy this problem/problems?

Banking regulators across Europe are checking upwards of 100 banks across the region to see if they are financially stable by stress testing them.

Bank Stress testing means; An analysis conducted under unfavorable economic scenarios which is designed to determine whether a bank has enough capital to withstand the impact of adverse developments. Stress tests can either be carried out internally by banks as part of their own risk management, or by supervisory authorities as part of their regulatory oversight of the banking sector. These tests are meant to detect weak spots in the banking system at an early stage, so that preventive action can be taken by the banks and regulators.

The results, which sets a minimum level of capital for all lenders, are set to be published by the end of June and will highlight banks that need to bolster their finances.

The European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund are now negotiating the details of Portugal’s bailout, the third in the euro zone after multi-billion euro deals for Greece and Ireland.

“We expect to see more cases as a possible consequence of the program that is being negotiated with Portugal and the upcoming stress test exercise,” EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in the text of a speech at a Global Competition Law Centre conference.

Brazil, “The Labor Market is reinforcing inflation fears,” said Thais M. Zara, Chief economist of Rosenberg e Associados Consultancy in Sao Paulo.

Employers pay higher wages in a tight labor market, for workers with highly trained skills. Higher salaries translate into more consumer spending. Which pushes inflation to a higher limit, often above the Governments expectations/ceiling. It is not foreseen that any slowdown will occur in the Brazilian Labor market in the near future.

All around the world we are confronted with No Jobs, growing inflation and the ongoing scare, that another Financial crisis is imminent! Does this provide a good out-look towards our Future? It is rather dismal, and our governing bodies have no clue as to how to curb inflation, gainfully employee our out of work population and provide incentives for our ever-growing work force. Lets’ get back to the basics; Jobs, Education and the Future.

“What future do we have, if we can not work? Companies large and small need to put people to work first, before the bottom-line. Money is not the single guarantor of a Future! The people must come together to win this battle, let Finance be the second most important thing required for the future of our nation. If your people are starving, homeless and out of work how can a country call themselves a great nation?” Hotdogfish!


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