Thailand, What!

Surakiat Limcharoen, director of Bang Rak district office, yesterday lodged obscenity charges with police against the three young women. A video clip of the dancers has been released on the internet. The clip, which lasts more than a minute, shows three girls dancing on top of a vehicle roof amid cheering crowds and loud music. Media reports said the incident took place on Friday night, the last day of the festival. Culture Minister Nipit Intarasombat urged police to take the matter seriously. The incident was an affront to the country’s traditions and values. He said the event organisers should also face punishment.

Mr. Minister, I guess the two of you have been a sleep for the past 20 years, this happens every-year at the Songkran Festival and more. It happens every day in Bangkok,Take a walk in Silom, Pattaya just stroll down “Walking Street”, Phuket, Chang Mai, Krabi and so on. This is the real Thailand, we see. Because, the public is not blind, and we are not trying to get re-elected. So why do you wake up now?

With-out the Night-life people will not come to this country! This is the wild side, don’t you know that! In Thailand every-thing can be bought, and I mean every-thing. Tourist trade equates to money, money makes Thailand more affluent, it makes the rich get richer, are you in the same position as a simple Thai farmer, fighting to get by, day to day. I don’t think so!  Close your eyes, “See no Evil, No Evil Exist”, Close your Ears, “Hear No Sound, Sound does not exist”.

Thailand would be the greatest place in the world if the Government, would open its eyes and see the corruption, and do something about it. There are far greater problems in this country than the girls having fun and dancing, in the suit that God gave to them. Clean up your Government owned TV Stations, Your soap operas are far worse than this incident, because they do not represent the true nature of the Thai People. All your commercials are built around the idea that they must have a sex theme, if not no-one would watch them.

Plainly! Just wake up!