“Our World”

Our World is a Blog that I started, because I wanted to be able to express my views, thoughts and observations about what is going on out there. The world is not a big place, it is just a small dot in this Cosmos. It is fortunate that on Earth there is life, and the world that we live in. Our thoughts are personal, and often times we lose our way, because we act without thinking. Thoughts are about emotions, people, loved ones, universal things, and the unknown, and more. Where do you fit in this time zone, Thinking about? Who knows what! Living, dyeing, happiness, The future, the Past and Today. My thoughts are about all of these points, and more.

My time is short and I am just passing through this world, so for me its about life, and Our World, and trying to express my views about it, and it makes me happy.

I write about Dictators, Education, Family, Growing up, Jobs, Hot-News and History in the Making. These subject interest me, and I can lecture on them in University. This is what I do!