Deal with Your Children!

Children in Jerusalem.

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Sometimes, we must stop and take the responsibility for being parents. Today our children are growing up in an undiciplined world. Where respect for the parents is becoming less important to the children of this generation. Without respect our children will go into the world with a damming view of parentage and family responsibility.

There are two ways to deal with children,–ways that differ widely in principle and in results. Faithfulness and love, united with wisdom and firmness, in accordance with the teachings of God’s word, will bring happiness in this life and in the next. Neglect of duty, injudicious indulgence, failure to restrain or correct the follies of youth, will result in unhappiness and final ruin to the children, and disappointment and anguish to the parents.

Prompt and continual obedience to wise parental rule, will promote the happiness of the children themselves, as well as the honor of God and the good society. Children should learn that in submission to the laws of the household is their perfect liberty. Followers of Jesus will learn the same lesson,–that in their obedience to God’s law is their perfect freedom.

The parent who permits his rule to become a despotism, is making a terrible mistake. He wrongs not only his children but himself, quenching in their young hearts the love that would flow out in acts and words of affection. Kindness, forbearance, and love, manifested to children, will be reflected back upon the parents. That which they sow, they will also reap.

While educating and disciplining their children, parents are in a continual school. It is impossible for them to teach self-control, unless they first learn to govern themselves. Fathers and mothers may study their own character in their children. They may often read humiliating lessons, as they see their own imperfections reproduced in their sons and daughters. While seeking to repress and correct in their children hereditary tendencies to evil, parents should call to their aid double patience, perseverance, and love. God has apportioned
them their work, and he will require it at their hands. No minister or friend can supply their place. The harder the battle, the greater their need of help from their Heavenly Father, and the more marked will be the victory gained.

Families that live together and play together stay together out of love and respect for each other!



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