Is the USA becomming a Failed State/Country?

It’s taken longer than it usually takes in other countries because our nation is so rich and so large–in people  for labor slaves and for natural resources to exploit. But the rich have been seriously eroding our nation with their unbounded greed for the past 30 years.
And they are achieving their goals with the assistance of the Corporate Centrist Democrats and the Republican Tea Party who continue to maintain the illusion that they are “mortal”opponents when in fact they are both cut from almost identical cloths. For example, in 2010 the Democrats passed a healthcare “reform” bill. Yes it does provide some little relief for some Americans–crumbs tossed to the few. And yes many of these limited benefits did begin when the bill was passed. However, the part that the Democrats don’t tell us is how short this “reform” falls from what the people of the USA need and deserve.
The Poor USA!

Then, here come the Republicans. Their role in the good cop/bad cop routine that the leadership of the Republican Party and the leadership of the Democratic Party have going is to act as if what actually amounts to a gift to Wall Street Health Care insurance corporations is “socialized medicine.” Actually have the right-wing raising hell about “Obamacare” builds up the healthcare legislation to be more than it really is which is another handout to they very Wall Street health insurance companies who have been ripping off the American public for over 30 years. The good cop/bad cop game played by the Democrats and Republicans? They are both on the same side of the fence.

This is 3 years later than the picture on the right, and now since the New Health-care plan has been passed, and a few wars in between, and the spiraling deficit, and the US Dollar shrinking against all other major currencies. Even with real cuts in the Deficit it will take 50 years to see and impact. During this time what will happen to our country?