Death in Libya


Death In Libya!

The death toll in Libya  is on the rise. Daily accounts indicate that hundreds of Libyan citizens are being killed each day. I thought that the point of the alliance was to stop Qadhafi from doing exactly this.

It is truly amazing that NATO, this fantastic Alliance can not exert the force to stop one Dictator. This is not Iraq it is Worse,  a dictator that has been in power for more than 40 years. He has killed his own people, he has supported Terrorism World Wide. The British let the Lockerbie  Bomber go free and be returned to the embraces of Qadhafi. Now the time has come, the People of Libya have had enough and they are fighting against an overly  powerful foe. They are seeking freedom, Democracy and respect.

Our governments, are passive as stated in the news; article after article; we have now abandoned the Libyan people and their quest for freedom. The old saying is “You are with me or you are against me”, which are we? How many people must die. NATO has the Airpower to end this today, but, will they?

The CRY for Hope, for life by the Libyan People is that to be Answered by Silence?

Despite rebel setbacks and an increasingly public rift with NATO allies, the U.S. will stick to its plan to remain in the back seat of the Libya air campaign, the Obama administration insisted Tuesday after three weeks of air missions that have failed to turn the tide against Moammar Qadhafi.

France’s defense minister declared that without full American participation, the West probably would not be able to stop attacks by Qadhafi loyalists on besieged rebel cities.

U.S. officials said they were comfortable with their role and had no plans to step up involvement, even as British and French officials said Washington’s military might was needed to ensure the mission’s success. The Americans said NATO could carry out the operation without a resumption of the heavy U.S. efforts that kicked it off last month.

“Ultimately, what needs to happen is Qadhafi needs to stop attacking his own people,” Lapan said. “The lack of U.S. strike missions doesn’t change that.”

At NATO headquarters in Brussels, alliance officials agreed and said the operation was succeeding.

NATO Brig. Gen. Mark Van Uhm rejected criticism of the operation. He said the North Atlantic military alliance was performing well in enforcing the arms embargo, patrolling the no-fly zone over Libya and protecting civilians. “With the assets we have, we’re doing a great job,” Van Uhm told reporters.

France and Britain differed, calling for the rest of the group, in particular the United States, to step up the campaign.

Well President Obama What are you going to do? You joined the fight then stepped back! Is this your legacy? The man who talks tough but when the time comes to stand-up, you sit down!
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