Justice! There is no Justice in Thailand!

Saturday, March 20, 2010. The day of the red s...

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Authorities expect about 75,000 red shirts to gather until well past midnight, a turnout that would be the largest since unrest over April and May last year killed a total of 91 people, wounded more than 1,800 and sparked widespread arson in Bangkok.

About 20,000 had assembled by early evening.

“I was here last year. I never thought I would see this kind of cruelty in Thailand. I came back today because no one has been put in jail for it,” said one protester, 38-year-old electrician Samart Ngamwongyai.

Streets were festooned with banners bearing red-shirt slogans such as “fight for democracy” or “truth today”. One read: “You can’t kill us all.” Another said: “If Democracy wins in Tunisia and Egypt, we can win here.”

 This is a Power thing, The Red Shirts will never get justice and the Yellow shirts will rebel, and This Government will use force and kill as they did one year ago.  Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, is without a doubt the cause of the murders that happened and he will never admit that he ordered the Military to open fire on the Red Shirts. Would you stand aside and be shot at, without fighting back? This Government and the Military is above the law, no one is culpable. The highest court in the land has no respect for the law, as long as they follow the Governments instructions. This was made clear when the High Court let the Democrats off, after they misused funds for election purposes.

Thailand please man-up and admit your wrong doings and let us get on with our lives. Quit squabbling like Chickens, and get down to the business of Governing. Prepare a New Constitution, Revamp the Education System, Build new Infrastructure, Control Inflation and the Cost of Living. Quit padding your pockets at the expense of the Thai People. Reorganize the Police, pay them more money so they dont have to harass the common citizen every month, by charging ridiculous fines on the highways. Reduce corruption in all departments of the police and Government. Once you get this under control this country can start to revive itself into the Land of Smiles.