The “Power” Thing! & Corruption

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The Pathology of Power and its solution:  Term Limits for All

And that’s the way it goes with those who hold power.  It seems to be on a downward slope–even for the best of leaders.  No leader, regardless how good, should ever hold power in excess of 10 years.  This should be an international law because these people affect all of us.  And this includes judges and members of Congresses and parliaments as well.

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg, better known as Lord Action.  He was a scholar who wrote copiously on the French Revolution.  Dalberg recognized that nations and civilizations fell into decline–not so much because they were powerless, but because of their inability to use their power wisely.

Here are the tendencies of power to corrupt:

  • the tendency of power to drive intelligence underground
  • the tendency of power to become a theology, admitting no other gods before it
  • the tendency of power to distort and damage the traditions and institutions it was designed to protect
  • the tendency of power to create a language of its own, making other forms of communication incoherent and irrelevant
  • the tendency of power to spawn imitators, leading to volatile competition
  • the tendency of power to set  the stage for its own use

Comment: When men in power refuse to leave office, when the people say they should go, is the question? The Courts, the System and the  ruling bodies of Government put their views, and needs before that of the People. The people are the ones, that usually are responsible for putting these people in power, so when the people become dis-enchanted , and dissatisfied with the actions of those in charge, there should be a mechanism in place to automatically force these Power hungry persons from their thrones of power. “Hotdogfish”