Thailand Floods!

For the last few years Thailand has had Water problems in all areas of the Country. Funds have been allocated to improve the situation on many occasions but the problem continues. So the bigger question is? Where has the Money Gone? Because the flooding continues, and now the South of Thailand is completely under-water, we see on Channel 7, and Channel 3 News that the floods are not sub-siding as quickly as first thought. So the People are living without Drinking water, without Electricity and without  transportation. What is the Government going to do this time?

The death toll from heavy flooding in southern Thailand has risen to 40, the government said Sunday, with thousands of people forced to live in temporary shelters. More than a week of heavy rain – in what is usually one of the hottest months – has caused floods in 10 of Thailand’s 77 provinces, submerging homes, triggering landslides and washing away roads and bridges.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Sunday called for people to be on alert for any new flood or mudslide warnings, saying that while the rains have eased, waterlogged soil remained a concern. “People should cooperate with the authorities when there are warnings. Do not think it will never happen,” he said in his weekly television programme, speaking live from flood-stricken Surat Thani province. He said the government would discuss assistance for people affected by the floods at a cabinet meeting on Monday.

The department said a total of 558,308 households or 1,959,897 people, were severely affected by floods and mudslides, while 17 houses were totally destroyed and 848 houses were partially damaged. As for the public infrastructure, 2,520 roads, 218 drainage pipes, 46 dikes, 236 bridges, 320 temples and schools as well as 76 state offices were damaged.

The Highway Department reported that as of Friday evening, 24 roads were impassable to vehicles and the Nakhon Si Thammarat airport remained closed due to heavy flooding. Southbound train services from the capital stop at Surat Thani’s Tha Chana station, while ferry services in the province have resumed as normal. The Provincial Electricity Authority said 473,262 out of 539,295 affected power users had now received power supplies as normal while the rest remained in the dark due to heavy flooding, impassable roads and fallen power poles.

While 917,739 rai of farmland were damaged, it was reported that, among them, less than 50,000 rai of rubber plantation were damaged. A total of 51,705 livestock farmers with some 2.6 million farm animals and 10,816 fishery people with 10,042 ponds and 1,373 floating baskets were affected.

Meanwhile, National Flood Relief Coordination Centre deputy director Vittayen Muttamara said the areas to watch out for landslides were: Nakhon Si Thammarat‘s Ron Phibun, Lan Saka, Chulabhorn and Thung Song districts; Phatthalung’s Pa Phayom; Trang’s Na Yong and Surat Thani’s Ban Na San and Kanchanadit districts.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat, where at least four helicopters were on standby for evacuation, some 400 marooned residents of tambon Krung Ching in Nopphitam district were evacuated by helicopter yesterday, while food supplies and electricity generators were sent to help those who remained in Nopphitam. Hundreds of villagers there were in need of evacuation as a one-kilometre-long crack was found in the Ban Khao Lek mountainous area, posing a threat of landslide. The body of a 12-year-old girl, Saowalak Waroros, who was swept away in Nopphitam on Thursday, was found in Tha Sala district yesterday afternoon.

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