Time to Walk Away From Afghanistan!!!!!!

Qur’ān. V49:11–13: "come to know each oth...

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Afghanistan is a country of stones,caves, mountains and a fanatical race of people. They kill when they are being helped, they over-run the cities and villages and not just kill but decapitate people’s heads. This is barbaric in this time and age. They claim to be devout followers of Islam and the Qur’an, but are they? Where in the Qur’an does it say to cut off the heads of people if they disagree with you. Where does it say to Kill thy neighbor, and to force your people to comply to Man made rules, rather than that of the Qur’an. Who interprets these rules as they are written? Who is the true authoritarian  of this interpretation of the Quran? No man is the true authority of the Qur’an,  just as there is no man who can accurately and without question interpret the words of the Holy Bible.

We all have our faith and beliefs, as we understand the words that are written, in the Holy Bible and the Qur’an. We as Christians do not use the Holy Bible as an excuse to go and kill innocent people. We are not living in the dark ages, when there was little to no understanding, of what was written. As there was no means of communication to the people and the world. The Word, was passed down from one-generation  to another, and the ” true meaning” was lost along the way. I believe that is what has happened, to the Koran, the hard-liners who impose Shira Law (Taliban),  had rather use the Koran as a basis for them to bestow hardships, rule with an iron fist  and to keep their brothers in line with threats of endangerment of life and limb, they are the true evil makers in Afghanistan.

If the Afghan People prefer the Taliban, then it’s “Time to Walk Away.” Why should the UN have a presence in a land where the people are brain washed and afraid of having universal freedom, to choose how they live. What they want as a people, they have no understanding of what Freedom and Democracy is, and that is OK! Life moves on with or without them, Time does not stand still. Why must UN Protectors be killed and for what purpose? Why should we spend billions of Dollars for a lost bit of earth that is not even living in this century. We received more value from going to the Moon than we have from protecting a lost people.

Which is worse, the Florida Pastor that burned the Koran or the actions of  an  illiterate Afghan Mob in the name of Allah? The Florida Pastor Killed no-one. We have freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression and we can freely express our beliefs without killing anyone. A Mob is a Mob, it just depends on your excuse for being a Mob. The rest speaks for itself.

“To understand is to learn, to be true in our beliefs is the door-way to our Soul, We will loose this body when we die, but our Soul remains for-ever. Our actions on Earth is  justification for entering into Heaven! ” Hotdogfish!

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