Education and The Future

I like to write about Education, as it is the most important step we take when we begin our lives. From the moment we are born until the day we die we are in the Education/learning mode. I have talked about the numbers of University graduates coming on the market each year. Just to let you know that it is a very large number and one University at Miami-Dade in Florida has 170,000 Students. If this in compounded by 100,000 university’s and places of higher education through-out the world, you will begin to understand the numbers in which I speak.

My primary interest is; where and how do we use this new talent. What new skills are required and what demands are being made of them to get Jobs in this ever-changing World. In hindsite, we can say we need Teachers, Scientist, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Economist, and so on place. We should also try and understand that the future has a set of different requirements, Technology is overtaking our world, even today when we try to contact our Bank or Business,we are answered by an automated voice response system. Which has a number of set-responses. This is good and bad, it is good because it is cheaper for the Banks and the Companies that use this technology to save money. It is based on the simple fact that all human intervention  is lost, and this brings about the personalization of doing business. A prime example of this is doing business with PayPal. This company uses technology to relieve themselves of human intervention, and in-turn this brings about serious delays in resolving financial issues, and conflict resolutions. So what are the requirements and skills for the new University students to obtain.

High-technology is the most prevalent requirement of any graduate. It is used in every aspect of our daily lives. The troubling issue with this is the quality of these students. To what levels have they aspired to achieve, just to have a certificate does not by any means indicate that they are qualified. I believe that each graduate should have a level of internship,where they do the research, gather the skills and the experience in order to apply their knowledge at the highest levels of expectation by society. It is up to our Educational Institutions to instill in the Student population the needs for quality, integrity and sense of responsibility.

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  1. Excellent read, I simply passed this onto a colleague who was doing to a small degree analysis on that. And hubby really bought me lunch because I stumbled on it for him smile so well then , sick rephrase that: thank you for lunch!

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