Jobs, Education and the Future #6 re-post

It’s interesting to note; I have an affiliate marketing team and the easy part is the number of people who sign-up. The hard part to understand is, that these same people will not make any effort what-so-ever to become a success. We do not ask for any money at all to join, not like other Affiliate marketing jobs, where they say sign-up is free and then to activate your account just send –$. I have done this business for a while now, and my wife has even joined, and she is doing rather well at this. So, this is the situation I see when I talk about people wanting to work, and those that just don’t want to invest anytime in making a success out of themselves. This has become a major issue about Jobs, where there are jobs, but the applicants of all ages,  do not want to make the effort, or take the time, where work is concerned. We have been brain washed by the media. Just look at the programs on TV, in the Cinemas and over the Internet. We get a false sense of success, and how to get there. The majority of these programs are of the rich, showing their big expensive cars, homes that cost millions and their kids running around the world without restriction or limits on what they can spend and or get away with. Look at some of the Screen stars, and make your own decisions.

Education is supposed to be the means to a better life. It is! If you study, do your work and learn what the colleges and Universities are trying to teach you. Going to University for some seems to be a ticket to an open playground, where there are no parents and little supervision. Yet, this is all in part of growing up, and learning about independence, responsibility and adulthood.  This time is about laying the ground-work to becoming an adult, and preparing to face the reality of earning your way in life. We have thousands of students graduating each year and the competition is fearce and getting worse. One of the issues with this over-crowding situation of Students applying for the limited numbers of jobs, is the quality of education they have. In some countries in Asia, this is a major problem as they simply push the students out the door, for the price of the tuition, regardless whether the students have met the criteria for graduation. I hold the parents responsible for this, as all they are looking for is, that their Children have a Certificate, whether they earned it or not. The name of the school is most sacred,  and this is what opens the doors to Jobs, and not the quality of the student. Now, this brings about the situation of favouritism or nepotism and the good jobs are snatched out of the hands of those students that have actually made the grade legitimately. Yet, we have hundreds of Thousands of students wanting to Learn in preparation for the Future.

"Asian Students Wanting to Learn"

This leads us to the question of the Future. If the good jobs are taken through nepotism ,resulting in under-qualified persons getting the positions, then what happens. Our economies are shaken by incompetence, lack of fore-site and due process. Therefore, we must review the existing ways, and means of qualification for Job applicants. Our future depends on the visions of the new generation, and these visions can not be bought. They must originate out-of  knowledge, experience and study. The visions required for our futures well-being should address new technology, poverty, starvation, water supplies and Nuclear Energy (Cost versus Risk).

The world can not afford a second happening such as Japan has experienced in the last week. We have never heard of an Earthquake (9.0) on the Richter Scale, a 10 Meter Tsunami, and a Nuclear Meltdown at the same-time/day. The after-math of rebuilding, recovery, and starting over for those that are directly affected by the loss of life will be remembered far into the future. This lesson must become a “Lessons Learned Bible” for all the world to adhere too. To build contingencies into all aspect of future planning, Because we do not know when the next happening will occur. This is why we need the best and brightest qualified people in the right places to save our future. Money buys things, but it does not buy Wisdom, to fore-see what is happening in our world.

Japan’s unprecedented multiple crisis of earthquake, tsunami and radiation leak has unsettled world financial markets, prompted international reassessment of nuclear safety and given the Asian nation its sternest test since World War Two. As we have seen the results of the after-math of the Quake in Japan, it is a travesty that has brought to light that we are vulnerable as a people. There are powers much more superior to us and we can not control them. So, we must learn to live and accept that Nature is the ruler of man, and the more we destroy it, the more we will suffer.

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