Jobs, Education and The Future #5

I have looked for those jobs that are hiding, and have found a very small number. Actually, nothing to cheer about.  I suppose until the World-Economies get back on track we will go without finding many jobs. In my country (Thailand) as probably in your own we hear the government say, things are getting better, we are getting back on track. Back on track! Exactly, what does this mean; that we are going back into recession, back to the way it was, and how was it? We were out of work, and searching, so what is good about that Mr. P?  The overall Job market is not growing, Companies are going out of business everyday, the cost of living is rising at an enormous rate, the world is heading towards famine. Meaning a dire shortage of food-stuffs. Maybe, we should all start thinking about getting into Agriculture. Yes, become home-farmers and grow our own vegetables, or perhaps the majority of people are not able to provide their own food in this way. Because, today we can just go to the store and buy whatever we need or is seems like it.  Now isn’t that a contradiction in itself. How can this be, if we do not have jobs that allow us to earn an income so we can buy what we need. I believe it fair to say, there are some jobs available, but are we willing to accept those jobs, they may not meet our expectations and we would feel that they are beneath us. What is more important our self pride or our children’s hunger.

And now in the Middle East, we have many countries going through a change process. This change process is brought about by too few jobs, inflation, corruption and domineering Governments. Now, is the time for change, the youth of the world are hungry, they want and expect to be heard, and they should be. We have much to learn from them, and we must listen to their demands, for they are no-longer afraid to speak out. These people are crying for freedom, they want to decide their own path into the future.  When I speak about the young, I speak about the needs universally in all countries. How can we help them?

Put the young to work, so they can make it on their own. Let us give to them the confidence they need to go forward in life. We of the older generation, should help to provide these young  adults with the chance to build a life for themselves. This is not only the responsibility of the government, it is a given responsibility of being a parent. Education is not the only prerequisite for success, it is a stepping stone, and that is pretty much the way it is. Without it, your chances for success is diminished by some 40%, providing you make no efforts to improve your position or marketability. However, we have thousands of young graduates in the market and coming on the market after graduation this year. So, what are there chances of getting these good jobs? They will be entering into a highly competitive market place and if they are truly not prepared for it, they will join that long list of unemployed. I place this responsibility at the Institutional level, because many have forgotten their primary role of instruction, preparedness, and quality. Quality does not come in a name of an institution, in comes from the Institutions history, its examples, its character and its leaders. But, we can not avoid the fact. To get the jobs of the future, we must have new educational instruction inline with the changes in Technology. Technology is evolving quicker than we can envision, for what we teach today is obsolete tomorrow. This is the challenge we are faced with today. Tomorrows world is that of the youth of today. Their liberties, freedoms and desires are too be looked upon with envy, as our time has gone and theirs has arrived. Change the educational systems throughout the world. Use automation, use technology to provide all children with the top of the line education. Forget the old ways of teaching. Why not hire one great teacher, put this teacher on-line to classrooms of students using IT Terminals and assign projects that truly interest the students and let them be free to learn, research and solve those problems in a given time frame. Wouldn’t this be better than the old ways?

Their Future is at risk! Until we get away from thinking only about MONEY, and start thinking about human well-being, self-preservation, integrity, respect and love for one another we will continue on a downward trek. To give our-selves a fair chance of making it in the future, we need to reconsider our list of priorities. I can not tell you what to think, or even how to think on this subject. You, as an individual must look at your own situation, and if you think you have all the answers, and that you are on the right path then go forth and fulfill your destiny. Because, your future lies within your own grasp, what you make of it, is up-to you.