Jobs, Education and the Future 4

The Labour Supply curve

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The root causes for the situation in the Middle East and spreading around the world, is the lack of Jobs, dwindling trust in the governments to provide the bare necessities of life, and the uncertainty that goes with it, and that of the Future. ” In a recent survey of Middle Eastern youth, the No. 1 wish of the young in nine countries was to live in a free country, although, to be sure, jobs and the desire to live in well-run, modern societies ranked very high as well.”* I am making a very broad statement, that needs to be analyzed more. Freedom and the right to choose ones destiny is  a pre-requisite and Jobs are required for people to survive in this world, without them we can not chase our dreams or earn a living as a result.

 Yet, many jobs, render very little in terms of monetary gain for the individual in these countries being less than 2$ a day. The labour market world-wide is over saturated with applicants applying for the limited number of job opportunities available to them. Therefore, we must find new ways in which to employee the hundreds of thousands of new college/university graduates that our Education system is turning out each year.

In the not far distant past, a college education got you in the door at most Companies. It was your guarantee to a better life, and it provided you with the expectation of owning your own home, having a family and sending your children to school. Otherwise, follow in the foot-steps of the parents. That is no-longer the situation. Yes, there are the wealthy families that have made it. And yes, they can send their children to the best schools. What about the others, that can not afford the same schools, yet they work and struggle to make ends meet so they can say “my child has a college/university degree.” The point I am making is; No matter who you are the Job Market is getting smaller. This affects everyone, and this is our dilemma. What do we do with the over abundance of Graduates.

Our governments speak about job creation. How can this be achieved, when our world economic situation is in a state of chaos. So we are confronted on multiple fronts, the same as being in a war.  Only this is a war, of human survival and not about Presidents, Dictators, Kings, corrupt politicians and power mongers. The people need to know that there is a future, sometimes change can make the future look a little brighter, for the moment. But that can be, short lived, as time passes and the changes the people expected do not come. People naturally become anxious and depressed when they are seeking a way to assure their future.  Change is the right word, if it is used to address the plight of the people and something comes of it. 

The future doesn’t look so bright, look around you and see, your neighbors, your friends and the general population have problems. Lack of food due to Drought and over population, lack of jobs due to struggling Economies and too many Applicants, Border tensions, Protesters crying in the streets for change, to make it better. Innocent people being shot-down, because they are trying to make a difference in their respective counties. Then we have the change in the environment which, is also adding to the plight of the people. Where is all  of this taking us!

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