Jobs, Education and The Future 3

Have you found that Job, the President speaks about? Has he told you where it is, and how to get it. Wake up people, we all know that politicians world-wide tell a great story with silver tongues, and smooth talk. They tell us what we want to hear, not about reality and the cost of making real jobs available. It like on the internet, sign-up it’s free and then reality comes into play, just send $49.99 and we will send you this free stuff. Wow! That is absolutely “No Cost.” Yeah, sure! Jobs will arrive when the economy improves. My question is? How-long as a people, can we survive in this state of flux?

We speak about Education being the root to success and the changing future. But, is that true? Think about it! Many well-known entrepreneurs never finished their education. What they had and have is a wish and a desire to make something from an idea, maybe that idea at the time seemed far-fetched. But they pursued it with every ounce of strength they could muster. Ideas come from the mind and the dreams of people of all ages and nationalities around the world. Help, the world, help yourselves if you have an idea and a dream, follow it where-ever it may take you.Get smart, use your intelligence. If you can go to University do so, and if you can’t don’t let that stop you from pursuing your dream. It is never too late to learn and make something out of yourselves. It is all in the mind and what you do with it.   Do not depend on the Governments of the world to provide for you.

Governments will take your tax dollars and spend it on other-things, outside of your reach, outside of your home, outside of your Country. They will support other countries that are failing, other societies that are outside of the scope of what your personal needs are. So how does this lead to your future getting better, your family conditions improving, and you relaxing in your old-age. We are depending on this generation and future generations to support our way of living, our standards of well-being, and our Freedoms.

We must find the solutions to assure us the populace, of survival. That may come by changes in our way of living. People have survived for thousands of years by making changes in their daily lives. Accepting to venture forward, to experiment and discover things that are unknown and Space isn’t so far away.  We the people are strong, and we are the bosses of our Governments, not them. Governments come and go, and rightly so. We must stay united, and believe in our selves, that we are in charge of our destiny. Make us proud, To call my country “My Home”

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