Jobs, Education and the Future -2

I have been doing some research on the above topic, and arrived at an opinion which is,  Jobs are not for the lite hearted. They can no longer be assumed to be available when I am ready.  Jobs, are there for the serious-minded individuals that are looking to better themselves, provide for their families and or girl-friends or boy-friends. Jobs, are the source of income for any people, rich, middle class or the poor. To my chagrin, People are not ready for the Jobs. Because, Jobs have changed; no longer are they the mundane, boring, robotic, day on day “thing to do.” Jobs require; Innovation, Education, Technology, Competitiveness and personal drive to achieve.

How does this generation and Future generations win jobs, gain success and happiness. It is not free! One must study in schools to gain knowledge and skills to be successful. Where does this start? It should be from an early age; Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, University, Graduate School, Internships and then What? Our Universities are delving into this subject, there are recommendations, but who can afford a 100K$ tuition? There must be a better avenue, without limiting our youth to a bona-fide education.

We have thousands of new University graduates coming into the market each year. No jobs, are available!  What is happening is that we are creating a new era of smart people, out of work people, nothing to do people, and we are wasting our greatest human resource in building our future. This is the dilemma, we are faced with! So who is going to correct this human resource catastrophe? We hear words without listening! Our Governments speak without meaning! We are too busy looking at the problem, and not busy enough doing something about it. However, Time is passing, the future has arrived and it will arrive over and over and all we have to see is the past.

Our economies are in a death-defying spiral, the governments of the world are failing the people, there needs to be change! We can not live in a world that is over-run by deficit spending, corruption and the quest for over whelming unlimited power of the Elite.

My World, what have we done to ourselves? What can we say, that has not been said before! What is truly new today, that is old tomorrow. Where are our leaders of the future? We say they are being groomed today! But, what does this mean when we have thousands of Graduates, that can not get the chance to show their Godgiven talents now, this day this time. “Because there are no Jobs for them today!”