Thailand a Sad Story!

This is probably the most beautiful country in the world, The people are without exception Number one. Living is serene and peaceful the majority of the time. Especially if you live outside Bangkok. This story is about that side of this beautiful country.

Bangkok is where the power base resides, money, Government, and its ill-conceived contempt, for the foreigners living here. We are considered the evil hand and that we are responsible for all the problems that this country faces. Yet, to the contrary, they love our money, as long as we bring it in by the millions. We can not own land! We can not stay here without running to immigration every three months to check in and pay a fee, over and over again.  It does not concern the Government when we get married, have children, buy houses without having any rights to the land. This is just the way it is!  No respect! No consideration!

Then you ask, why do I choose to go through this ordeal, it is for love of this country, my family and friends. I will undergo any hardship no matter what to be with my family, regardless of a tyrannical Government, who can not accept the will of the people. The elite rule, money rules no matter what your crime and if you are Thai. We are the outsiders with no Say. God said, ” Suffer ye little people. for ye shall inherit the earth.

From the Mind