Faith without Doubt !

In June 2001, my wife came down with leukemia. This was the most frightening time of my life. We had two boys, they were 5 and 2 years old. We really did not know what to do.  I was working in Singapore and living in Thailand, commuting back and forth every week. So, I made a decision that I would stay home and take care of my sons, with the help of my wife’s family. Thank God, for his help.

The Doctors told me that my wife was 80% consumed with cancer of the blood, and that she most likely would not make it. I remember telling the Doctor at the hospital, do whatever it takes to save my wife. We have two children depending on their Mother. He said, he would try. But, could not guarantee success. I told him, to do his best, and God would take care of the rest. He said, I hope your faith is strong.

Then it came to the test! My wife showed very little signs of improvement, she lay in the hospital with needles and IVs connected 24 hours a day. They poked holes in her every limb looking for a place to inject antibiotics, IV and other tubes of all sorts. This made me realize that she was really in Gods hands. I prayed day and night (44) in a row. I prayed, “God if you have the time could you look my way, just a glance is all I ask, and I know my wife will be made well again. I tried every way to get an answer from God, and it just did not come. Because,  I wanted that answer now, this moment in time, not tomorrow, Now! But, in the end without giving up that faith, it happened. She started to get better, and the Doctors told me it must be me, and I said, No it’s not me. Its God, he decided that she should live. And you know the greatest thing of all is: My wife is Buddhist, and not Christian. I prayed and spoke with her and she told me, Pa! She calls me Pa, the father of her children. I’m ok! I know I will get well.

It is now 10 years later and my wife is well, no chemo, no drugs, no visits to the Doctor every month. This stopped after five years of worry and sadness. But today we a happy family, and we know that God is in our corner. Let him be in yours!

The boundaries of God are not limited to what religion you are, But to your love of one God, and the belief that he is eternal. My I received My Miracle, my faith never wavered. Just like my Mothers words, “Go to the lord in prayer, ask him and believe without fear, without doubt, without reservation that if it is the Lords Will, it will be done”

Reflections from the Heart!