Egypt and Freedom

It is refreshing to see the Egyptian People taking back their country.  Takeing decisions rather than making Choices. Decisions lead to change where Choices are; should I take this action or should I not. The people of Egypt have been under Iron rule for the last 35 years. Not being able to congregate on the streets or having the liberties of a true Democratic society. In any country, when the people are suppressed, only they can right the wrong, and make the change to the Government. Their sacrifices will not be in vain, the lives spent, will live forever in the minds of the populace. A country without true rule of law by the people, and for the people will perish.

Corruption is an evil, brought about by Men of Power and the unwillingness to give up that Power even after 30 years of dictatorial rule. This causes the people to rise up, to right the wrongs of their leaders. To replace them with Revolution, if those leaders themselves do not have the sense of values to recognize their on mistakes and lack of concern for the people. The very people who work and pay taxes and supports the Government. These people have expectations, that they will not go hungry, they will have food and shelter, schools for their children, access to the Media and the world outside. When these human necessities are taken a way or they are restricted; then the people will react.

Freedom is a right that all people should have, no matter where you live on this earth. There are many countries in this world that needs change. And we can see that change comming in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemin and across the Middle East. Our friends are on the move, the old ways must give way to the new freedoms of the world. The younger generations have new ideas and new demands that must be made. Their expectations of their leaders is greater than ever before. So Leaders of the World wake up to the new generations craving for Freedom, Democracy, Fair justice and Liberty and Politicians forget about SELF! The People are the true leaders

Words from Peavy!