JOBS, Education and the Future!

I listened to the State of The Union Speach this morning, it was interesting. I liked the the parts on Job Creation, improving Education and the Future.

But do you know that there are thousands of Jobs on the Internet if you know where to look, and it does not take a genious to find them. I think the problem is that most people, talk about work and getting a job. But, just do not want to do the real work of finding it. We become complacent, if we must spend time and due diligence in our search. We want something now! Not later! My problems are today! Therefore, you must make the effort, meet the challenge, do the research and then say, “What can I do?” Do I have the skills and so on. I was in you shoes and I know the problems we are confronted with. For me, it was my age I am 67, and living on SS and trying to raise a new family. We must find the right solution without being scammed or taken advantage of.  Look on the bright side, we may be old, but we are still here! Our minds are in tact! Our hearts ar pure and we are the fighters!

Education, what can I say! President Obama said it all today! The students of today deserve the right to an Education using the best teachers and technologies. We must improve at the family level, at home! Teach our children the value of an Education, leave the TV off, close the computer games. Build the MIND! Do not waste the students tme! Pay the Teachers an equitable salary, give them benefits, they are the future for our Children They spend more time with our Children than many of us do! So, we should respect the Education system and build for our future.

The Future, yes! To do this we can! New Technologies, New Ideas, New and better Governments, not just in the USA but Internationally. I live in Thailand, and we need all of these things, and more! We need a Government that cares for the people, rather than just the politicians. But, never mind, as the Thai people say! We are educating students by the hundreds, and they come out of University with a College degree. Then they have no where to go! No jobs, and those that do find them, usually by nepotism are the advantaged! Not like a “Man sweeping floors in his Fathers Bar” to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. Third in line for the Presidency of the strongest nation on Earth! This is Freedom! And a true sign that “All Men Are Created Equal“.

From the Mind of an Old Man!


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