From the Heart the Mind Speaks;

Again, I was fast a-sleep and I sensed someone close to me, I could not see. But, I knew a presence was with me. I looked and looked, but could not see. Then my Heart told me that is was my Mother, she was asking for me to call home. Then I thought, it can not be! My Mother past away a few years ago. My Heart went out and I began to perspire, What could be the meaning of this?

Was some-one else in need, in my Heart! I could feel the hurt, the pain, the wanting! To find that the Mind reminds us of our forgetfullness. Just call home and say, “Mother I love you”!

From the Heart the Mind speaks to us!  We need to find the time to listen, and to cherish those moments from our childhood, when Mama would say, “are you alright son”? Are you hungry? Do you want some ice tea? Or when she just says “I love you”.


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